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The ending of the first season of the Black Butler anime. Although it technically ends with an ambiguous Fade to Black , it’s more than a little obvious what’s about to happen. Fans have other ideas and love to share them in fic form. Of course, now that there’s the second season, and seeing how that ended, it looks like the writers may have been reading fanfic themselves. Bleach fic is general rather darker than its canon, mostly due to the prevalence of disney deaths unless you’re in a backstory. Notable examples of fanworks with a far darker premise are abundant. Downfall is an example of a fic that starts out much lighter than canon — several characters that were dead in backstories are alive — only to start killing off several others in heartrending ways.

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Cat being the only other person to hold Rex for Robbie implies that Robbie only trusts Cat with him. During the play, while Robbie was saying his lines, she looked impressed and seemed to enjoy his performance. Both Robbie and Cat laughed in Tori’s flashback. In Robbie’s flashback, Cat was jealous because Trina was flirting with him.

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She gets them to date, by setting a matchmaking business; Sam is having nightmares about Freddie. Sam and Freddie have been apart ten years after there breakup. Freddie comes home and finds things quite diiferent. Will they end up together after all these years? Sam and Freddie are happily married and working for the Seattle police department but when Freddie is shot on their anniversary with suspicious circumstances surrounding his “death”, Sam may discover a plot that will change her world.

Rated T Wake up Sam! Spencer gets revenge on Sam while she’s sleeping. Will something be revealed? Read to find out! Sam lives out her dream, Carly gets her dream boy, Freddie gets away from his mom, and Spencer hunts the beavecoon!

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Main characters[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. September Kendall Knight[ edit ] Kendall Knight Kendall Schmidt is the leader and founder of Big Time Rush despite being the youngest when he accepts to move to Los Angeles and record demos only if Gustavo brings James, Carlos, and Logan along to make them all a band.

He is portrayed as the glue that keeps the band together.

 · Rogan is the romantic/friendship pairing of Rocky Blue and Logan Hunter (R/ocky + L/ogan).Rocky and Logan show a friendly connection when they met in the episode Oh Brother It Up, and Logan seems to prefer Rocky than CeCe, and although Rocky and Logan have had a brief relationship due to Logan not appearing in many episodes, this is one of the most popular and supported pairings

The Breeding Ground by megamatt09 reviews Various one shots Harry’s various naughty adventures or misadventures, depending on your angle , with women. Harry Potter – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: Yet this man pursued an endless dream, a dream in which he could hold her again T – English – Chapters: In Jaune Arc’s position, he felt as if the world just decided that he would be one of the unfortunate few that truly feel the worst type of betrayal. The type when the ones called friends kick you to your death in the shape of a grim-pool.

Now the knight has returned, and with a raging thirst for revenge. Welcome to Doki Doki Literature Club! We hope the sudden teleportation was not too sudden!

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Because of Sam’s tough demeanor and tomboyish personality especially in the first and second seasons , it’s possible that it’s hard for her to express her feelings towards Freddie, often hitting, teasing, and humiliating him because she can’t express her feelings in a softer way. It’s also possible she wanted to hide her feelings from others including Freddie.

They stand close to each other often and both don’t seem to mind. Often, when they do iCarly, Freddie turns the camera to himself, and Sam then proceeds to turn the camera back to her. Sometimes she’ll grab the camera from him, or she’ll stand behind him and tease him, or physically harass him in some way example: Sometimes, whenever Sam and Freddie are arguing, the people around them smile as if they knew the true meaning behind the fights iNevel , iSpeed Date , iGo to Japan , to name a few.

are fanfics involving the pairing of Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson, better known as Seddie (S/am and Fr/eddie). This pairing has the most fanfiction of any other iCarly pairing. Lovin’Seddie, HugsandBugsSmileyface, Mizufae, Drano, Nature, Basco57, Harry Potter Fan , IzzyRoxUrSox

So instead of spending years trying to get into Tokyo University , he picked another college and has moved on with his life. Granny Hina’s attempts to manipulate him into taking over the Inn create massive rifts in their family, and the various issues of her tenants start blowing up in their faces. This is only amplified by their refusal to admit any responsibility for their actions. Outraged by how they treated her relative, she gives them a hard dose of reality by informing them they’ll all have to split the duties he would have handled.

In addition to the girls having to face serious consequences for their actions, Keitaro is taken to task for helping enable their bad behavior by being an Extreme Doormat. Not that Keitaro is the only vector for a good deconstruction; Last Dance with Shinobu-chan deconstructs not just the many relationships within the Inn, but also many archetypical romantic ideals. All while giving Shinobu a rather bitter sweet coming of age story.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Game Theory Fan Fic deconstructs the anime by showing just what would happen if Fate’s loyalty was from Precia actually treating her well though she won’t be winning any prizes for model parent and just how easily the TSAB could have seriously botched things up by unintentionally driving Nanoha to work with Precia. It also deconstructs a number of tropes, such as Crazy Enough to Work , and the Kid Hero elements of the original work get savaged particularly hard.

Christmas in Freezenberg by cedfiafics reviews When Cedric is tasked with keeping Sofia from meeting her biological father’s side of the family he must choose between his duty to his king and his duty to his best friend. Sofia the First – Rated: Rafa has decided that now that he’s come of age, it’s time for Mateo to start thinking about marriage, and the night is filled with well-intentioned but poorly thought out matchmaking attempts. As she watches each attempt, Elena finds herself increasingly upset and wonders why.

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Icarly dating freddie and sam freddie another hug wrapping his crush online gay dating ireland creddie. Tigergirl is in every day, words, video sam and sam deal with hot dogs as proven on him, carly dating fanfiction spencer moves out.

Fletcher creates a doll version of Chyna. Fletcher is seen kissing a doll that was made to look like Chyna. Instead of going to Olive or another friend, Chyna goes to Fletcher to ask him a personal question. Fletcher was very excited when he thought Chyna was going to ask him out. Chyna mentions while asking him for advice, “If it were you Fletcher gets jealous when Chyna asks out Nigel.

Fletcher was so jealous of Nigel that he tried to ruin their date. When Fletcher is hacking into Nigel’s robot, he asks if Chyna would rather date him. She responds angrily saying that she maybe would. Fletcher tries to sabatoge Chyna and Nigel’s date. Fletcher calls Chyna his girl. Chyna went to the meeting to support Fletcher, meaning that she cares about him. Fletcher was the first student in the whole cafeteria to start clapping when Chyna received her award.

Deconstruction Fic

Born2BeViral Video release date: Jul 18th, Are you wondering what iCarly Sam and Freddie are up to nowadays? Can’t you stop humming iCarly theme song? Would you like to know what Miranda Cosgrove look like in ? Than today’s video is for you!

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Exploring the world of television and film crossovers, and the alternate realities of the big and small screen. Monday, September 24, The Truth is in Here: So then I can write really long ones like this one. Most people who read this blog know my format by now, so I really don’t need to do much of an intro. Fourteen billion years ago to February For all the relevant information that occurred prior to the show, you should check out this website I found.

Considering the surviving Dalek in the episode mentioned was thrown away from the Time War, it’s perfectly acceptable that this Dalek ended up in the TVCU. Another such Dalek ended up in the hands of another billionaire collector named Bruce Wayne, after all. However, how they got there is another story. Just prior to their crash, a space craft from the 24th century arrived in Roswell.

Three Ferengi are captured until rescued by their shape shifter companion. While the ship’s doctor is examined by the military, another crew member originally from the late 20th century creates a paradox by becoming his own grandfather FUTURAMA. Thus when they escape, they leave behind a nexus that draws the Grey Aliens to Earth and also makes Earth a target for invasions from other worlds.

Since this takes place in the s, he can’t be referring to the TV series.

Fanfiction Seddie – Superando Distâncias [Trailer]

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