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Share Jeremy dealing drugs Jeremy was taking drugs, which he is seen sharing with Vicki Donovan , with whom he had a sexual relationship over the summer. He was also a major alcoholic, which was hard on Elena. Jeremy had feelings for Vicki though she kept turning him away in favor of Tyler , who had no true feelings for her. Vicki, who had been turned into a vampire by Damon , was staked and killed by Stefan. Elena, worried about Jeremy’s happiness, gets Damon to compel Jeremy to forget about Vicki’s death. Alaric , Jeremy’s new history teacher, got him to write a paper to improve his grades.

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Three years have passed since I saw your face. I wonder if I come to you, at night, in dreams; in the day, as memories. And I wonder if you see me, when you look at her? I knew it had to be out there. Because I know him. I am Jack Harper, and I’m home.

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Elena had a happy, carefree, and sheltered childhood with her best friends Bonnie and Caroline. She started dating one of her oldest friends, Matt, at the start of her sophomore year in high school. After a bonfire party before junior year, her parents were driving her home when the car unexpectedly spun out of control and drove off Wickery Bridge.

Elena was the only survivor. Unbeknownst to her, Stefan Salvatore was nearby at the time and managed to save her. Living… in a haze. It has to be. I will smile, and it will be believable. Yes, I feel much better. I will start fresh, be someone new. Elena has just started her junior year at Mystic Falls High School. She is an honor student and one of the most popular girls in school.

Stefan, Elena, and Damon

Edit Elena was born on June 22, in Mystic Falls and for the first time 17 years of her life, lived there peacefully for 17 years, with her parents, Miranda Sommers-Gilbert and Grayson Gilbert , as well as with her brother, Jeremy. They led a quiet small town life, free of the supernatural. However, in season one , Elena learns that she was adopted and her biological parents are John Gilbert , her uncle, and Isobel Flemming.

Still, Elena felt guilty about Vicki’s death, and when Vicki’s body was later found in the woods, Elena rushed over to the Donovan house to comfort Matt and Kelly over their loss. Elena and Vicki did not interact again until Smells Like Teen Spirit, when a spell Matt cast (with the help of the witch Esther Mikaelson on the Other Side) gave Vicki’s ghost a physical foothold in the living world.

This page outlines certain relationships with the characters in The Vampire Diaries television series. The relationships aren’t always about lovers, but also about friendship, family, sibling rivalry, or even between arch-enemies. After their parents died, Jeremy started doing drugs and failing his grades. Elena tried to stop him and even keep him away from Vicki Donovan after she became a vampire.

After Vicki’s death, Damon erased Jeremy’s memory and compelled him to believe that Vicki had just left forever at Elena’s request. Even after they found out that they are not biological siblings they continued to treat each other as such. After Jeremy’s death, Elena decided to turn off her emotions because she wasn’t able to deal with her brother’s death.

But he was brought back to life by Bonnie. Elena and Jeremy Elena officially meets Stefan for the first time in Pilot. She instantly feels a connection with him and they soon begin a romantic relationship.

The Vampire Diaries: Elena and Alaina

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Jeremy Gilbert is a Supernatural Hunter and a member of The Five. He recently left his hometown of Mystic Falls in order to attend Art School. Upon discovering that his new home is overrun with Vampires, Jeremy is forced to tap into his darker Hunter side in order to fight them off.

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Who is Elena Gilbert dating? Elena Gilbert Dating/Relationship History

Edit John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming found love in each other and then the finally found out they were having a baby. John had a brother, Grayson Gilbert, and he had a wife, Miranda Gilbert. Near birth, Isobel found Grayson and said she needed help. She gave birth to a baby girl, and a thew days later, Isobel disapearred. Grayson and Miranda wanted a baby, but it wasn’t happening, so they decided to adopt the baby girl and called her Elena.

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Elena has made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want her younger sister to be involved with vampires in any way. Sometimes temptation over rules morality though, and you find yoursel What happens when she’s finds out her town has changed? Will she think it’s changed for the better or the worst? Could it just be complicated? I do not own any of the characters besides Allie and her family. She barely had a heartbeat when she was birthed into this world.

Elena and Katherine

Her origins are from Ancient Greece. She is the earliest known ancestor of the Petrova family bloodline. AS a human, she was handmaiden to Qetsiyah, however in a secret relationship with her fiance, Silas. Silas desired immortality so he and Amara could be together for eternity however after betraying Qetsiyah’s trust after she created the spell, she wanted revenge.

After Silas ad Amara drank the elixor, Qetsiyah found the later and forced her to become the Anchor to The Other Side , binding it’s existence to her immortal life and desiccated her. After her awakening two thousand years later, the pain of her existence was too much to bear and wished to die.

Elena Gilbert is spotted wearing the Pins and Needles Strapless Lace Dress on Season 4, Episode 4 “The Five” on “The Vampire Diaries” Find this Pin and more on .

However, Nina never quite really sticks to one man for long as most of her relationships have been mere flings, but a few were very promising like her 3-year relationship with her Vampire Diaries co-star and on-screen match-up Ian Somerhalder hey Damon Salvatore fans. As of this writing, Nina Dobrev has never been engaged to anyone and is not married. In ascending order, here goes the list.

When Nina celebrated her 21st birthday on January 9th, , he was there to party with her. They remained friends after their split. How do we know? Their relationship was a mere fling that was very short-lived. Ian Somerhalder — image source Yeah!

Elena and Damon’s love story

Jeremy is often called “Jer” by his family and friends. Jeremy’s birthday is October Jeremy’s astrological sign is Libra.

Elena spends the whole summer tracking Stefan down with the help of Damon and Alaric. Their relationship faces more problems when Klaus compels Stefan to turn his humanity off. Despite this, Elena continues to fight for Stefan and reassure him of their love.

Elena has made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want her younger sister to be involved with vampires in any way. Sometimes temptation over rules morality though, and you find yoursel But for the love of god, don’t touch her The vampire smirked, “She’s already dying Salvatore, what can you do now? When John goes missing, Dean and Sam meet up again to go looking for him The Little Sister discon.

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She has an older brother, Aleksandar Dobrev. Her father, Konstantin Dobrev, is a computer specialist, and her mother, Mihaela Dobreva, is an artist. She speaks fluent English, French and Bulgarian. Jan 1, Teenage Years As a teenager Nina worked as a model, then began acting in commericals. Because of her exotic beauty and outstanding abilities, producers took an interest in her. Oct 13, First Episode Nina’s character, Mia Jones is first seen in the episode, Can’t Hardly Wait, season 6 episode 4 where she wants to join the Spirit Squad and was instantly accepted based on her excellent movement skills.

While she was yet to win hearts over with her portrayal of Elena Gilbert and Kathrine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev entered into a romantic relationship with actor Ben Hollingsworth. When Nina celebrated her 21st birthday on January 9th, , he was there to party with her.

Stefan just woke up from his sleep. Elena was going to go inside by herself. Elena knew that Stefan would be really upset, because when they were dating Stefan and Elena were supposed to have a future together, but they didn’t. Elena wanted to have kids with Stefan. Elena knocked on the door. Rebekah answered the door, and Elena was shocked to see her wearing Stefan’s clothes. Than Stefan came right next to Rebekah. Stefan was shocked to see Elena because ever since Elena got married Stefan has been trying to avoid her.

Stefan said, “Hi Elena, what’s going on?

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