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Last week, we revealed how the Royal Mail was secretly processing first and second-class mail in an identical way at weekends. Now, our survey has found that letters posted on Saturdays land on doormats at the same time, regardless of their class. Our investigation showed that both first and second-class mail posted at the same time is delivered on the same day We posted 20 first and second-class letters last Saturday morning from locations as diverse as Glasgow and the village of Ditchling near the South Coast. Though a demonstration of the efficiency of the postal service, it also showed that paying 10p more for a first-class stamp for mail posted on Saturday made no difference. The Mail on Sunday’s front-page report last week The Royal Mail insists that it retains the distinction between first-class post, which should be delivered on the next working day, and second class, which should arrive within three working days. But leaked confidential documents show that, in reality, the postal service is processing both classes on Saturdays instead of leaving second-class post until Mondays, to streamline its system and save money.

Philately gets you nowhere – stamp decline sparks fears for collectors

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Before the age of mobile phones, social media and texting, letters were the medium of, and postage stamps the value paid for, communication. This humble piece of sticky paper depicted history.

Recently a threesome of “same-image” prints came our way–of course, giving us the opportunity for a direct side-by-side comparison of these three prints. The image of which we speak is the beautifully shaded “interior view” of Eisho Narazaki’s print, “Interior of Asakusa Temple,” seen just below. NARAZAKI’s print, “Interior of Asakusa Temple” — “C-seal,” “D-seal,” and “6mm-seal” The interesting thing which was immediately noted was the different location choose for “seal placement” in the print’s two earliest states, and then, the realization that the print’s “margin-dating” which is carved into the print’s “key-block” had been carved OFF prior to the printing of the two later examples.

While we were well familiar with this practice of carving OFF a print’s “margin-dating” once a print’s “first edition” printing had been completed with respect to prints published by Unsodo Publisher, we did not immediately recall seeing this practice having been done by Watanabe Publisher. To learn more about this removal of “margin-dates” by Unsodo, please see our discussion given in our “Quick Reference” article titled “The Seals of Unsodo Han.

Seemingly then, at least then in the case of this Watanabe-published print by Narazaki, Watanabe has mirrored the Unsodo Publisher’s practice of “date removal” once a print’s first edition printing is completed. Further observations will be needed to determine how widespread this practice may have been within Watanabe. We have featured the remarkable and diverse artistic talents of Binnie in several of our prior articles, including our November article, “The Making of a Print — Paul Binnie’s ‘Red Fuji"” which gave many insights into the intricate process of developing a new print.

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It doesn’t specify any length of time or any “expiration date” for the stale postage, so I’m assuming you could use it just by running the 0. Stale Meter Date A meter stamp must bear the current date. If the postage bears a previous or future date, the meter stamp is considered “stale. Mail must be metered with the actual date of mailing.

Mail deposited after the day’s last scheduled collection may bear the actual date of deposit or the date of the next scheduled collection. Authorized dispatch prepared presort mail accepted after midnight may bear the previous day’s date.

Date Stamp – Custom Date Stampers. Simply Stamps offers stock office dater stamps and custom text dater stamps to speed up paperwork dating. Order a classic Date Only Stamp to expedite your documentation. If you are looking for dater stamps to mark the month, day and year when a document has been received, entered, faxed, filed, sent, shipped, approved, paid or posted, our smooth action, .

Their home-made, simple design seemed easy to copy. Thus, we are “blessed” with a variety of counterfeits and one entirely bogus stamp, some dating from the dawn of stamp collecting in the ‘s. Thornton Lewes and Edward L. Pemberton continued his attacks on fakes after Lewes died. He teamed with Rev. Meyer and Harris updated the list of Numeral forgeries in see list starting at page of Meyer and Harris but even that list is now known to be incomplete.

For me, Meyer and Harris is the most useful of the prior lists. Fortunately, genuine Numerals prove quite difficult to copy because each of the ten plate positions in each of the twenty-five plates has individual characteristics. Most fakers failed to appreciate the distinct typographical marks of a genuine stamp and just copied the general layout and design. Unfortunately, some fakers did replicate genuine stamps by photolithography, photocopying or other photographic reproductions and dangerous forgeries therefore do exist among the weeds.

Take either of these requirements away and you have a fake. For purpose of this discussion, we need to assume a patient expert services often refer to submitted items as “patients” satisfies basic criteria for paper type, paper color and ink color.

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It is home to many of Bhutan’s oldest temples and monasteries, National Museum and country’s only airport. Chomolhari 7, m reigns in white glory at the northern end of the valley and its glacial water plunge through deep gorges to form Pa Chhu Paro river. Paro is also one of the most fertile valley in the Kingdom producing a bulk of the locally famous red rice from its terraced fields.

Places of interest in and around Paro Rinpung Dzong Built in by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal , the first spiritual and temporal ruler of Bhutan, the Dzong houses the monastic body of Paro, the office of the Dzongda district administrative head and Thrimpon judge of Paro district.

Stan Lee, the American comic book writer, editor, producer and publisher died on 12th November aged He was the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, and later its publisher and chairman, and lead its expansion from a small division of a publishing house to a large multimedia corporation.

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Please check with the Auctioneer if you are unsure whether this royalty is payable on any Lot that you are considering bidding for.

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Mantodea Mantises Termites were previously regarded as a separate order Isoptera to cockroaches. However, recent genetic evidence strongly suggests that they evolved directly from ‘true’ cockroaches, and many authors now place them as an ” epifamily ” of Blattodea. This hypothesis was originally based on similarity of the symbiotic gut flagellates in termites regarded as living fossils and wood-eating cockroaches.

McKittrick noted similar morphological characteristics between some termites and cockroach nymphs. Such measure preserves the classification of termites at family level and below.

Stamp boxes on printed or lithographed cards also offer dating clues. Often there is a reference in the box to the amount of postage required. Of course, if the card is used and has a stamp, that too gives a clue, both by its value, and the style of stamp itself.

Traditionally, you got young followers, then lost them at secondary school and then you get them coming back as adults. It is a worry for the future. Mrs Grieve, who runs the Stamps in Schools programme to promote collecting in primary schools, hopes more celebrity collectors will come forward. If only Victoria and David Beckham would come out and say they collect stamps.

But today there are thought to be no more than school clubs up and running. The Stamps in Schools project is linked to fewer than Richard West, another member of the network and a fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society of London, said: And much of what the postal service delivers is junk mail, business mail or products brought off the internet — none of which use stamps. Interest from emerging markets such as India and China — where the hobby was suppressed under Chairman Mao — has driven up prices and made stamps an attractive source of investment for some.

The first adhesive postage stamp, the Penny Black, was launched in Britain in , followed two days later by the Tuppence Blue. Before then, postage had been paid by the recipient rather than the sender. The gum on the first stamps was made of potato starch, wheat starch and acacia gum. Although old, the Penny Black is not rare — 68 million were printed.


Welcome to the widely read site on the latest news on Malaysian First Day Covers and concordant cancellations! Thus not all issues are showcased here. I have loaded only selected issues with cancellations that relate to the event. The cancellations match the place of the event some call this concordant cancellations. In the early days, it is extremely difficult to obtain cancellations from the location related to the stamp issue.

Often used for document tracking, proof of receipt, time and date validation with built-in ink pad; Choose from various sizes and colours; Ability to order a two colour dating stamp for your special needs.

Value of Old Postage Stamps Lots of people have found that old box in the Attic full of odds and ends and sometimes a few Stamp Albums Old School Boy Stamp Albums Mostly they will be what is known in the trade as an old school boy stamp album, The Stamps will be from all countries and more often than not glued to the page or a gummed hinge will have been used which is a little more desirable as they can be removed carefully to check.

So Where do I start? Has the Stamp been postally used? The overall condition of a Stamp is known as the Grading Old Postage Stamps are graded by the use of words The more information you have the easier it will be to find the value of old postage stamps both on the internet by searching and researching and also your local reference Library The Main catalogues on Stamp Values will give a guidline for you Maybe we can also help?

Do you have a Picture of your old postage stamp? Share it with us and see if we can help! Enter Your Question Tell Us any information you already know!

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Buenos Aires, Editorial Difusion, Giansanti Le Quattro stelle s. Portell, John Twilly, Robert E. De toma edicion, rara, de esta importante obra. Una volta ricavata la radice originaria, si comportano allora come verbi regolari: World’s Greaters Gun Book.

The oldest known picture postcard sold in at the London Stamp Exchange auction for just under $50, dollars. Posted in , the postcard’s value lay in its significant age, as well as the fact that it was among the earliest cards printed and mailed.

They were rectangular or square in shape, depicted the leader of the country: Even though people around the world began collecting stamps almost immediately. The first philatelists tried to find production differences between stamps of the same design—color or paper variations, difference in perforation, some errors on images, etc. It took over 30 years until the first commemorative stamp was issued.

In , Peru issued a stamp showing a locomotive. Shortly after, many other postal authorities began issuing stamps dedicated to important events, local and worldwide famous places, landscapes, famous persons of the county, etc. Nowadays postage stamps are not only evidence of postal payment, but also ambassadors of the country.

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